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can we help?

  • do you need help or advice in forming a  local allotment association and affiliating to the national society of allotment and leisure gardeners
  • do you need help in finding a plot to rent
  • do you need help in negotiating  your local council to create an allotment site
  • help and advice is available free of charge.

what are the advantages?

some of the advantages of forming local associations include:

  • buying gardening sundries in bulk and selling to members at a discount
  • self management of your site
  • sharing the cost of purchase of expensive tools and machinery and hire out to members

what does the national society of allotment and leisure gardeners offer?

this is the body that represents the interests of allotment plot holders at every level of government from brussels to local council to protect and improve the rights of allotment plot holders.

  • advice and legal aid if your site is threatened by developers
  • cost effective insurance tailored to the need of allotment gardeners
  • national seed purchase scheme offering Kings seeds at huge discounts
  • advice to members on gardening matters
  • affiliation fee only £3.00 per year per member of an affiliated group